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We are Japan travel experts who provide curated Japan travel experiences.

We know Japan is expensive to visit.  And goodness knows it’s difficult to find help with all the little intricacies of travel to this exotic country.  But, with a little guidance, you can uncover the wonderful mysteries, beauty and serenity of Japan, as well as it’s exciting, cosmopolitan side.

While travel to most other countries on your own can be easily done using on-line resources and tales from family and friends, travel to Japan is like no other situation in the world.  What you don’t know you don’t know is what can turn a great encounter with a county into a tale of travel disaster.

Our goal is to help you plan your trip more easily while still allowing you a breadth of choices on style and activity.

You choose from our do-it-yourself library of off-the-shelf itineraries, or you can decide on a fully-customized DIY itinerary based on your exact travel dates. If you are not quite as adventurous (or internet savvy), have one of our experienced staff fully book one of our basic itineraries for you.

We have over 60 years of combined experience sending travelers on their own, to Japan.  While a guide is great for one or two days, you don’t need a fully guided tour to experience the Japan you’ve dreamed about for years.