Kimono Show

All the major department stores have floors that feature Kimono and all the accoutrements. This beautiful kimono was on full display in Kyoto for the upcoming spring season.

Flexible Shoes

Footwear styles in Japan have a lot of funk and these red, geometric shoes are no different. Men are much more adventurous with their footwear in Japan!

Egg Seats?

Can you guess what this is? The second picture tells the tail – it’s hardboiled egg shaped seats near Owakudani. The hot springs are used to hardboil the eggs and turns them black in the process.

Nishiki Food Market

The overhead signage calls attention to both the entrance to Kyoto’s famous food market as well as highlights the colorful glass roof that lets in light while protecting from the rain.

Green Tea Sweets

We just loved the color in this picture of green tea sweets, found neatly stacked in a shop on Miyajima Island.


While it’s now a worldwide phenomena, having a night out with friends to sing popular songs got it’s start on the streets of Tokyo. You can find Karaoke places with private rooms and English songs in Shinjuku.

Foot Massage

What better way to relax after a full day of touring. Shops along Kawarawamachi offer a short respite from your day.

More Tourist Shopping!

Who can resist the wide range of Japanese tchotskis offered near the tourist mecca of Fushimi Inari

Relaxing Rides

This typical scene is repeated throughout Japan each day by the millions. Relaxing on a train while passing through the countryside. In this case, on the Thunderbird between Kyoto and Kanazawa.


The Japanese have the ability to eat so delicately. It’s more about presentation than quantity – so here are some delightful cookies that are delicious too!


Tenichi Honten, in Tokyo, is known for it’s famous tempura as well as ambience. But there is a “secret” location on the upper floor of the Takashimaya Department store in Nihonbashi. Same great food, no reservations needed. We love the Tendon set!

Arghh! Pirates on Lake Ashi

The tourist boat ride from Togendai station (end of the Ropeway) to Moto Hakone is a classic tourist activity that, on a clear day (not here!) gives you scenic views of Mt. Fuji

Fushima Souvenirs

The Fox is the the animal associated with Fushimi Inari shrine (10,000 torii gates). Lots of souvenirs with the fox theme are available.

Hats off to Tokyo

While American women are no longer wearing hats regularly, the Japanese women are. So the department stores all have large millinery departments.

Asakusa Statue

More guardians at the gate – this is found in the tourist areas of Asakusa, Tokyo

On the Move

With both trains moving at over 150 miles per hour, it’s only by accident that you can get a picture of the Shinkansen train that is passing you – notice the slanted windows?

Sword Umbrellas

Looking for a unique gifts – try an umbrella with a traditional Japanese katana handle. You won’t find these at home!

Bamboo Forest Overhead

The ceiling of the train station in Arashiyama reflects the most famous local landmark, the Bamboo Forest.