Plaid Shoes

OK, so we have a bit of a shoe fetish in Japan. There are just SO MANY unusual offerings. We spotted this pair of plaid shoes on an escalator in Tokyo.

Pet Clothing Galore

The shops on Nakamise dori offer a wide range of unusual items. This one specializes in pet clothing, for the well-dressed pet. There’s everything from sparkly collars to full ensembles for the well-turned out dog.

Where Does the Money Go?

Japan is known for it’s vending machines, which offer just about everything at all hours of the day and night. This one has an non-Japanese speaker puzzled though – where DO you put the money?

Fushimi Inari Entrance

Not quite as famous as the nearby walk of 10,000 torii gates, the massive entrance torii to Fushimi Inari glows a brilliant orange in the late afternoon summer sun.

Cute Noren

These cute little cats are normally seen as good luck and abundance statues in many establishments, here grace this adorable noren over a sake establishment.

Japanese Hydrangeas

The Japanese love to celebrate the flower of the season; and June is for hydrangeas. These little clouds of color come in a wide range of hues, from pin and magenta to lavender, periwinkle and sky blue.

Gion Lamp

The bright, vivid red of a lamp in the Gion beckons the patrons into this establishment in Kyoto’s geisha district.

Tea from the train

Tea plantations line some of the Tohoku Line Shinkansen route. The rows of plants, when photographed from the bullet train, blur into a beautiful velvet green.

Sky Hole Selfie

My Sky Hole by Bukichi Inoue is one of the many installation pieces at the Hakone Open Air Museum. It’s mirrored ball, suspended high above the beautiful terrain, provides an interesting selfie opportunity.

Mitsukoshi Flagship

The flagship store of department store chain, Mitsukoshi, is a landmark in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo. Did you know they started out as a kimono fabric vendor in 1673?