Unexpected Sashimi

While dining at Endo, one of Kyoto’s well-known tempura restaurants, we were also treated to an exquisitely presented sashimi course.

Au Courant Footwear

Open-toed, high-top wedgies… what every girl needs. We can’t help ourselves in Japan – the range of shoes you’ll see when out and about is unbounded.

Classic Souvenirs

What’s more classic as a souvenir than Japanese chopsticks. These are on display in Asakusa where you can find tourist-type items. For the serious shopper, sets of chopsticks (smaller for the ladies, larger for the men) can run to hundreds of dollars.

Cute, Tiny Luggage

The Japanese travel VERY lightly. Bags for train trips can be smaller than anything you can even buy at home. This tiny little piece (about 14 x 18 inches) was on sale at one of Japan’s train stations.

Bamboo Forest Path

One of the views of Kyoto’s famed Bamboo Forest in the Arashiyama district. Be sure to be there before 7am to avoid all the tourists; this place has recently become jammed with thousands of tourists all day long.

River Reflections

Sometimes simple every day things are a still life in the making. These empty boats were sitting on the still waters of the Oi river in Arashiyama one early morning, just waiting for tourists to come for a ride.

Out the Train Window

Wonderful view of rice fields, small towns and distant hills outside Nagoya, as seen from the window of the Shinkansen train as it flies by at over 150 mph.

The Brush Shop

There are so many specialty stores in Japan. Little shops are in all areas of Tokyo that specialize in just one type of product. Here is a photo of a brush shop near Asakusa.