Dried Shrimp Products

Seafood is an essential part of the Japanese diet – both fresh and dried. Many varies of dried shrimp are offered in the markets of Japan.

Senso-ji Light Up

If you are in Tokyo at night and want to see a traditional light-up, visit this temple in Asakusa for a stroll after dinner. Light ups run fairly late here.

Kaiten Instructions

In popular tourist towns, it pays to tell the newbees how to work the kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi. We thought these were actually very good and useful instructions.

Sun Shades

The Japanese are much more inclined to use umbrellas not just for the rain, but also for sun protection. Plenty of tourists doing that in Kyoto here.

Unusual Selfie

This large mirrored ball is part of the artwork called My Sky Hole (Buxichi Inoue), found in the Hakone Open air museum. By standing underneath, you can get an interesting selfie from the musem.

Famous Photography

Since Fushimi Inari is one of the most photographed places in Kyoto (if not Japan), it only goes to follow that it’s also a place to photograph photographers. Getting just the right portrait, without too many bystanders, takes skill and some ingenuity. This young lady positions herself between the gates to get a good shot of a friend.

Heading Out

After exploring the water feature at the DT Suzuki Museum in Kanazawa, this young lady quickly headed out of the shot. The Museum has beautiful architecture.

Typical Restaurant Food

This window display in a typical restaurant shows the usual variety of offerings to be found throughout Japan, including noods, soups, pickles, rice, fried items, etc. Usually you can find set meals with a variety of offerings, just choose the one that has the most things you like!

Hakone Ropeway

Another beautiful view taken from the Ropeway that runs from Gora to Lake Ashi over the mountains in Hakone and past Owakudani Hot Springs.

Spring Decorations

Many of the buildings in Kurashiki are decorated with branches with multi-colored “flowers” on them in early spring. Rather than relying on blooms, most of them seemed to be made of clay or paper.

Kenrokuen Garden

Beautiful moss covers the ground of Kenrokuen Garden in this summertime picture. In the background you can see the bamboo ropes that hold up the branches on some of the older trees.

Umbrella Store

This entire shop in the Asakusa area is dedicated to the sale of umbrellas. As you can see from the picture, most of them are of the practical (rain and sun shielding) kind, and not traditional washi umbrellas.

Shinjuku Electronics

Vast electronics stores dot the landscape of Tokyo. Most of the largest and well-known are in Akihabara and Shinjuku. You’ll find entire sections devoted to just one type of item where you might have just 3 or 4 to choose from in other countries.

Rainy Day in Tokyo

Reflections of the Imperial Palace grounds are barely distinguishable in the raindrops seen on the taxi window.

Hakone Mizuki

This lovely tree flowers in the late spring and early summer and is the representative flower of the Hakone region.

Shrine Offering

A shinto priest prepares an afternoon offering at the actual shrine at Fushimi Inari. While it is known for it’s multiple bright red torii gates, it is also an active shrine with worshipers coming in and out throughout the day to make their offerings.

Hōzōmon Pilgrimage Shoe

This large shoe outside the entrance of Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo represents the shoes of supplicants who make ritual pilgrimages to well-known temples. Similar shoes displays can be found in temples throughout Japan, such as Zenko-ji in Nagano.