Traditional Fans

This shop in Tokyo’s Asakusa shopping area offers not only Japan’s famous folding fans, but also the flat fans that come in a variety of shapes and colors. These traditional ones have water-colored scenes on them.

Lake Ashi in the Rain

June is the rainy season in Japan. The sound of softly falling rain over Lake Ashi creates a backdrop for the beautiful fog-covered mountains so often depicted in Japanese ink drawings (sumi-e).

Bamboo Forest Nature

Enjoy this moment of peace from the Bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Kyoto. Don’t expect this during the day with the tourist hoards, this was about 7am on a summer morning.

Kaiten Sushi

Stacked Plates

Ah, a complete meal in only a few minutes at kaiten sushi – the famous conveyor belt sushi. The sushi goes round-and-round, you take your plate. Each plate is color coded. At the end, when they are all stacked up, the attendant just scans the tagged plates and the bill is printed out automatically. This meal was 4 green plates, one olive colored plate and a wood plate.

Shabu Shabu in Kyoto

Shabu shabu is a dinner you should not miss especially if you enjoy steak. It is a delicacy and it is delicious! Shabu shabu dinner practice is where you dip the meat into a bubbling stock pot of water to cook it; then eat this with various condiments. This clip was taken at the Mishimatei branch in the Takashimaya department store.