Kimono Sale!

The department stores have periodic sales of beautiful used and non-seasonal kimono and accessories. Ask about this if you are there for the sales – the prices are amazing!

Kimono Show

All the major department stores have floors that feature Kimono and all the accoutrements. This beautiful kimono was on full display in Kyoto for the upcoming spring season.

Flexible Shoes

Footwear styles in Japan have a lot of funk and these red, geometric shoes are no different. Men are much more adventurous with their footwear in Japan!

Hats off to Tokyo

While American women are no longer wearing hats regularly, the Japanese women are. So the department stores all have large millinery departments.

Land of Customization and Choice

One of the most fascinating parts of Japanese shopping is the incredible range of customized products available. In the department stores’ kimono floors you can find custom geta with a wide range of styles, colors and fabrics.

Hair Fashion

Hair Ornaments are often part of a well-turned out Japanese woman’s ensemble, so you’ll find plenty of offer in stores all over Japan.

Plaid Shoes

OK, so we have a bit of a shoe fetish in Japan. There are just SO MANY unusual offerings. We spotted this pair of plaid shoes on an escalator in Tokyo.

Au Courant Footwear

Open-toed, high-top wedgies… what every girl needs. We can’t help ourselves in Japan – the range of shoes you’ll see when out and about is unbounded.

Cute, Tiny Luggage

The Japanese travel VERY lightly. Bags for train trips can be smaller than anything you can even buy at home. This tiny little piece (about 14 x 18 inches) was on sale at one of Japan’s train stations.

Kawaii Coin Purses

When you’re in Japan, you’ll probably need something to hold all the change (the lowest bill is worth about $10). These are a cute option and available wherever tourists are found.

Always Think

We love all the cute messages on clothing and accessories for young girls in Japan. This one even translates beautifully.

Crocs vs. Geta

We spotted this accommodating father while touring at Hachiman-gu Shrine in Kamakura on a beautiful autumn day.   Lots of families get fully decked out – the women and girls in their kimono and geta, the men in their best suits.  Lots of family shots were being taken.  We sure hope this young lady remembered to change her shoes before they started taking the pictures…