Steamy View

This is the view of the Owakudani sulfer springs from above as you ride over it on the Ropeway.

Unusual Selfie

This large mirrored ball is part of the artwork called My Sky Hole (Buxichi Inoue), found in the Hakone Open air museum. By standing underneath, you can get an interesting selfie from the musem.

Hakone Ropeway

Another beautiful view taken from the Ropeway that runs from Gora to Lake Ashi over the mountains in Hakone and past Owakudani Hot Springs.

Hakone Daimonji-yaki

The Kanji near Hakone is visible on the far hill when taking the ropeway to Owakudani hot springs. Hakone Daimon-ji yaki is one of the biggest traditional summer events of Hakone. A huge fire with a shape of kanji character “大” will appear at the hillside of Mount Meijogatake. There will be also fireworks to be launched on the day in order to live up the atmosphere of the event.

Enoura Entrance

While photographs of Enoura Musem are not permitted for other than personal use, you can get an appreciation for the exquisite blend of traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture from this part of the entrance (outside the main gate).

Egg Seats?

Can you guess what this is? The second picture tells the tail – it’s hardboiled egg shaped seats near Owakudani. The hot springs are used to hardboil the eggs and turns them black in the process.

Arghh! Pirates on Lake Ashi

The tourist boat ride from Togendai station (end of the Ropeway) to Moto Hakone is a classic tourist activity that, on a clear day (not here!) gives you scenic views of Mt. Fuji

Owakudani Ropeway

While current volcanic activity does not permit visitors on the ground, you can get a good view of the Owakudani hot springs on the gondola ride over the springs in Hakone.

Can you tell us what this is?

We know, it’s a dying breed to anyone under 35… an old-fashioned telephone booth for when you had to make calls while on the go. This one was spotted in a small town near Hakone.

Boiled Eggs

Wherever you find hot springs in Japan you’ll often find boiled eggs on offer as well. Hakone even has a statue to the food!

Romance Car Bento

The Odakyu line Romance car from Tokyo to Hakone is memorialized in a souvenir bento box lunch that you can enjoy on your journey.

Hakone Warning

The Hakone area, and Owakudani Hot Springs are an active volcanic area (and sometimes close down when there is significant activity). Visitors to the area see this warning sign when arriving in the area.