Heading Out

After exploring the water feature at the DT Suzuki Museum in Kanazawa, this young lady quickly headed out of the shot. The Museum has beautiful architecture.

Kenrokuen Garden

Beautiful moss covers the ground of Kenrokuen Garden in this summertime picture. In the background you can see the bamboo ropes that hold up the branches on some of the older trees.

Outdoor Art

This colorful installation draws visitors to explore the primary colors and how they interact. It can be found outside the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa

Lima Beans and Bacon?

It must be an acquired taste, but we found these “pastries” at a bakery at the Kanazawa train station. We’re pretty sure the beans are fresh and most likely some kind of soy bean and not lima bean. But we couldn’t read the sign in Japanese.

Relaxing Rides

This typical scene is repeated throughout Japan each day by the millions. Relaxing on a train while passing through the countryside. In this case, on the Thunderbird between Kyoto and Kanazawa.

Fresh Fish For Sale

Kanazawa is located along the sea and is known for some of the best seafood and variety in Japan. Omicho Market has many fresh fish stands such as this one.

Reflections of Life

This “pool” is actually an installation artwork at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa. It has a downstairs entry.

The Kagayaki Bullet Train

Ever wonder how fast the Kagayaki bullet train goes? Well take a look! The Kagayaki is one of the newest Shinkansen train lines that goes Tokyo to Kanazawa. This train ride will take you past the scenic mountains near Nagano.

Gran class on the Kagayaki

Travel in Gran Style

Everyone likes to travel in style! You now have your chance to do so on the new Kagayaki Shinkansen line from Tokyo to Kanazawa. This new Shinkansen line features a “Gran Class” car that is even more elegant than the “Green” car.

Japanese women buy a lot of hats

Hat Patrol

Japanese women wear hats a lot; especially the older ones! All the department stores have large hat sections. The Japanese department stores are a dream for Westerners, there are whole floors of downtown buildings full of cloths and accessories.