Fushimi Inari Entrance

Not quite as famous as the nearby walk of 10,000 torii gates, the massive entrance torii to Fushimi Inari glows a brilliant orange in the late afternoon summer sun.

Gion Lamp

The bright, vivid red of a lamp in the Gion beckons the patrons into this establishment in Kyoto’s geisha district.

Arashiyama’s River

This serene river goes by three different names as it winds its way through Kyoto’s Arashiyama district. Can you tell us what they are?

Beautiful Dining

Yudofu, in Arashiyama, is a beautiful location to enjoy a special tofu meal. You’ll be served a variety of forms of tofu in a set course luncheon selection.

Unexpected Sashimi

While dining at Endo, one of Kyoto’s well-known tempura restaurants, we were also treated to an exquisitely presented sashimi course.

Bamboo Forest Path

One of the views of Kyoto’s famed Bamboo Forest in the Arashiyama district. Be sure to be there before 7am to avoid all the tourists; this place has recently become jammed with thousands of tourists all day long.

River Reflections

Sometimes simple every day things are a still life in the making. These empty boats were sitting on the still waters of the Oi river in Arashiyama one early morning, just waiting for tourists to come for a ride.

The new UPS?

We’re used to seeing the big brown trucks all over, delivering packages. This smaller scale solution was spotted in Kyoto, where a bicycle and cart is used for package delivery.

Summer Treats?

We’re not sure if your kids would go for these, but the Japanese must. These lemon cooled cucumbers on a stick were on sale on the street in Arashiyama (western Kyoto) in the summer.