Classic Japanese Garden

This classic garden with carefully pruned bushes, towering stones and a sand “river” can be found at Miyoshinji temple in Kyoto.

Moss Gardens

This is one of the hundreds of moss varieties that you will find throughout Japan offering a carpet of green as a foundation for the tranquil peace of a traditional garden.

Special Geisha

The Hyatt Regency Kyoto often will have a geisha or maiko in the late afternoon for the entertainment of hotel guests.

Drive Through Bamboo

Hidden in a secret spot in Kyoto is a beautiful bamboo forest that you can drive through to see. Takes a while to get there, but worth the wait if you want to avoid the crowds.

Dried Shrimp Products

Seafood is an essential part of the Japanese diet – both fresh and dried. Many varies of dried shrimp are offered in the markets of Japan.

Sun Shades

The Japanese are much more inclined to use umbrellas not just for the rain, but also for sun protection. Plenty of tourists doing that in Kyoto here.

Famous Photography

Since Fushimi Inari is one of the most photographed places in Kyoto (if not Japan), it only goes to follow that it’s also a place to photograph photographers. Getting just the right portrait, without too many bystanders, takes skill and some ingenuity. This young lady positions herself between the gates to get a good shot of a friend.

Shrine Offering

A shinto priest prepares an afternoon offering at the actual shrine at Fushimi Inari. While it is known for it’s multiple bright red torii gates, it is also an active shrine with worshipers coming in and out throughout the day to make their offerings.

Seafood Selections

Lots of obscure seafood offerings here – mostly dried, pickled and otherwise processes seafoods, seaweeds, etc. This is from the Nishiki market in Kyoto.

Plate of Light

One of the most unusual sushi presentations we’ve ever seen – Suiran hotel in Arashiyama uses a platter with a video of the adjacent bamboo forest playing underneath the delightful seafood presentation.

Kimono Sale!

The department stores have periodic sales of beautiful used and non-seasonal kimono and accessories. Ask about this if you are there for the sales – the prices are amazing!

Fushima Map

Maps are EVERYWHERE in Japan, with the ever-useful “You are Here”. This one is of the hills around Fushimi Inari. Most people only ever visit the lower gates – but if you hike up the hill you’ll get past the crowds and enter the meditative entrance to the entire shring complex.

Kimono Show

All the major department stores have floors that feature Kimono and all the accoutrements. This beautiful kimono was on full display in Kyoto for the upcoming spring season.