Walking through Light

This room filled with strings of lights and mirrored on the ceiling and floor is just one of the many different “fun with light” displays at the Mori Digital Museum.

Many Many Money

Honestly, we’re too scared to ask for the translation of this, but the “many, many, money” was just too alliterative and fun to say.

Senso-ji Light Up

If you are in Tokyo at night and want to see a traditional light-up, visit this temple in Asakusa for a stroll after dinner. Light ups run fairly late here.

Umbrella Store

This entire shop in the Asakusa area is dedicated to the sale of umbrellas. As you can see from the picture, most of them are of the practical (rain and sun shielding) kind, and not traditional washi umbrellas.

Shinjuku Electronics

Vast electronics stores dot the landscape of Tokyo. Most of the largest and well-known are in Akihabara and Shinjuku. You’ll find entire sections devoted to just one type of item where you might have just 3 or 4 to choose from in other countries.

Rainy Day in Tokyo

Reflections of the Imperial Palace grounds are barely distinguishable in the raindrops seen on the taxi window.

Hōzōmon Pilgrimage Shoe

This large shoe outside the entrance of Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo represents the shoes of supplicants who make ritual pilgrimages to well-known temples. Similar shoes displays can be found in temples throughout Japan, such as Zenko-ji in Nagano.

Wallets Galore

One of the most interesting things about shopping in Japan is the incredible range of products offered. This pictures shows just one of over 20(!) display shelf sections of wallets (not purses, just wallets) in a major Tokyo department store.

Good Luck Cats

Waving cats are a sign of good fortune and grace many retail establishments.

The Back Side

The lanterns at the entrance to Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo are so often photographed from the front, hardly anyone ever notices the lengthy text on the back.

Indigo Sugidama

This ball of deep indigo blue fabric can be found in the Blue and White shop in Tokyo.


Say What?

Ok, so the place is all “Darts UP”, but you go DOWN the stairs to get there – so Down to Up.

Traditional Treats

Crisp cookies with center cream are one of the many traditional treats on sale on the gift food floor of major department stores.

Senso-ji Pagoda

While the Temple and shopping area get most of the press, Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo also has a beautiful multi-floored pagoda.


While it’s now a worldwide phenomena, having a night out with friends to sing popular songs got it’s start on the streets of Tokyo. You can find Karaoke places with private rooms and English songs in Shinjuku.


The Japanese have the ability to eat so delicately. It’s more about presentation than quantity – so here are some delightful cookies that are delicious too!


Tenichi Honten, in Tokyo, is known for it’s famous tempura as well as ambience. But there is a “secret” location on the upper floor of the Takashimaya Department store in Nihonbashi. Same great food, no reservations needed. We love the Tendon set!