While it’s now a worldwide phenomena, having a night out with friends to sing popular songs got it’s start on the streets of Tokyo. You can find Karaoke places with private rooms and English songs in Shinjuku.


The Japanese have the ability to eat so delicately. It’s more about presentation than quantity – so here are some delightful cookies that are delicious too!


Tenichi Honten, in Tokyo, is known for it’s famous tempura as well as ambience. But there is a “secret” location on the upper floor of the Takashimaya Department store in Nihonbashi. Same great food, no reservations needed. We love the Tendon set!

Asakusa Statue

More guardians at the gate – this is found in the tourist areas of Asakusa, Tokyo

Classic Tokyo

The neon lit signs of Shinjuku on any evening are an iconic representation of Tokyo.

Asakusa Gargoyle

The Europeans have gargoyles guarding their important buildings, this lion guards the streets of Asakusa

Wall of Plants

This decorative wall of multi-colored ivy can be found on the second floor of Tokyo Station (Yeasu side, near Daimaru). It’s a little bit of nature in the midst of the city.

Seedier Side of Tokyo

I guess we pretty much know what’s being advertised here… in Asakusa section of Tokyo.

Tokyo Skytower

This picture of the Tokyo Skytower was taken from a boat on the Sumida River.

Romance Car Bento

The Odakyu line Romance car from Tokyo to Hakone is memorialized in a souvenir bento box lunch that you can enjoy on your journey.

Yakatabune boats

These boats offer scenic dinner cruises on the Sumida river in Tokyo.

Nakamise Dori Banners

The Nakamise Dori street entrance to Senso-ji Temple is lined with tourist shops and often displays seasonal or topical decorations, from cherry blossoms to autumn leaves and banners

Takashimaya Elevator Girl

Major Japanese department stores in Tokyo still have a full complement of staff running main bank of elevators for their patrons. Careful training in arm blocking, button pushing and bowing are a prerequesite for the job.

Tokyo at Night

The lights of Tokyo extend far into the distance on a beautiful, clear night.

Pet Clothing Galore

The shops on Nakamise dori offer a wide range of unusual items. This one specializes in pet clothing, for the well-dressed pet. There’s everything from sparkly collars to full ensembles for the well-turned out dog.

Mitsukoshi Flagship

The flagship store of department store chain, Mitsukoshi, is a landmark in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo. Did you know they started out as a kimono fabric vendor in 1673?

Classic Souvenirs

What’s more classic as a souvenir than Japanese chopsticks. These are on display in Asakusa where you can find tourist-type items. For the serious shopper, sets of chopsticks (smaller for the ladies, larger for the men) can run to hundreds of dollars.