So Civilized and Handy!

Many Japanese restaurants provide small boxes of some sort to hold women’s handbags, small packages or anything else you may be carrying around. Remember – most Japanese in the cities are not driving around with a car available to hold things!

Classic Japanese Garden

This classic garden with carefully pruned bushes, towering stones and a sand “river” can be found at Miyoshinji temple in Kyoto.

Walking through Light

This room filled with strings of lights and mirrored on the ceiling and floor is just one of the many different “fun with light” displays at the Mori Digital Museum.

Moss Gardens

This is one of the hundreds of moss varieties that you will find throughout Japan offering a carpet of green as a foundation for the tranquil peace of a traditional garden.

Special Geisha

The Hyatt Regency Kyoto often will have a geisha or maiko in the late afternoon for the entertainment of hotel guests.


Japanese bakeries are just the best! Choose a few from the ever-changing seasonal selections to take with you on your Shinkansen ride.

Steamy View

This is the view of the Owakudani sulfer springs from above as you ride over it on the Ropeway.

Many Many Money

Honestly, we’re too scared to ask for the translation of this, but the “many, many, money” was just too alliterative and fun to say.

Kura Walls

The small town of Kurashiki was known as a warehouse “kura” town and shipping was an important part of their economy historically. The town is awash with charm, including a lot of original kura walls with their white on grey pattern.

Fish in Aspic

Well, we are not sure but we think this is a food offering. But it could be some kind of decoration. Looks like gold fish and the sample fish on display did nothing to clarify what to expect if you got the item.