On the Move

With both trains moving at over 150 miles per hour, it’s only by accident that you can get a picture of the Shinkansen train that is passing you – notice the slanted windows?

Sword Umbrellas

Looking for a unique gifts – try an umbrella with a traditional Japanese katana handle. You won’t find these at home!

Strawberries in season

Strawberries delights! The Japanese love seasonal foods, so the offerings outside of tourist areas like Fushimi Inari reflect seasonal foods.

Bento Sushi – Yum!

You think of sushi and you think of Japan – these bento sushi boxes offer fresh, delicious sushi and are widely available throughout Japan, especially in train stations.

Owakudani Ropeway

While current volcanic activity does not permit visitors on the ground, you can get a good view of the Owakudani hot springs on the gondola ride over the springs in Hakone.

OMG! The BEST Strawberries Ever

Strawberries in Japan are amazing! And these were some of the best we’ve ever had. We didn’t even get out of the airport – we bought these at a fruit and vegetable stand right inside Terminal 2 at Narita and ate them on the way into the city.

Train Station Staple

Whenever you travel around Japan you’ll run into groups of school children traveling on the trains on school field trips. These backpacks are stationed in the waiting area waiting for the kids to return from their food foraging to claim them.

Kyoto’s surprising gardens

There are small little gardens all over Kyoto – in restaurants, hotels and private homes in addition to the famous ones in temples. This one is the Hyatt Regency Kyoto’s.

So Many Ways to Serve

Miyajima is known for its oysters and coming up with interesting new ways to incorporate it into street food is a revered pastime. So Curry Oyster bread is this year’s winner.

Can you tell us what this is?

We know, it’s a dying breed to anyone under 35… an old-fashioned telephone booth for when you had to make calls while on the go. This one was spotted in a small town near Hakone.

More Fast Food

Most places in Japan don’t have street food; but there are a few near famous tourist places. These squid balls can be found near Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto and, frankly, all throughout Japan.

Super Fast Food

At these fast food stands you buy a ticket for the meal you want, carry it to the counter and are served up piping hot food in minutes. To see just how fast you can order, see our Ten Seconds in Tokyo video.

Reflections of Life

This “pool” is actually an installation artwork at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa. It has a downstairs entry.

Photographing Nature

Kyoto’s famous bamboo forest is best photographed when there are few people around. Early morning will usually find you there with only your fellow photographers.

Teeny, Tiny Fish

One of the many products you can find on sale in markets throughout Japan. These were spotted in Kyoto’s Nishiki Market.

Romance Car Bento

The Odakyu line Romance car from Tokyo to Hakone is memorialized in a souvenir bento box lunch that you can enjoy on your journey.

Blast from the Past

Elevator attendents have gone the way of the buggy whip and dial phone in the US, but in Japan, the major department stores still have a staff of lovely young ladies who bow to guests and push the floor buttons in their main bank of elevators. See one in action HERE.