Beautiful Dining

Yudofu, in Arashiyama, is a beautiful location to enjoy a special tofu meal. You’ll be served a variety of forms of tofu in a set course luncheon selection.

Unexpected Sashimi

While dining at Endo, one of Kyoto’s well-known tempura restaurants, we were also treated to an exquisitely presented sashimi course.

Delicate Candies

In addition to small and cute, the Japanese do “delicate” with incredible flair and panache (think miniaturization!). These candies, each individually wrapped, were on display on tiny individual plates in a storefront in Nihonbashi. Keep in mind that they also change colors and flavors with the seasons and the variety available is almost endless.

Summer Treats?

We’re not sure if your kids would go for these, but the Japanese must. These lemon cooled cucumbers on a stick were on sale on the street in Arashiyama (western Kyoto) in the summer.

Yum… Miso

This shop in Kyoto’s Nishiki Market specializes in Miso paste. Shown here are four different varieties as well as “serving suggestions” for how they would look when transformed into miso soup.

Go Round Sushi

Conveyor belt sushi (kaiten sushi) in Japan is a fast and delicious and usually inexpensive way to get a quick meal. This one, in Shinjuku, used English to make sure to convey the concept as well as the sushi.

Adorable, Edible Dolls

These are just so adorable; crackers wrapped like little Japanese, kimono-clad dolls. When you open them, one cracker is sweet and one is salty – the perfect afternoon combination.

Classic Cookies

The Japanese bring local food as gifts when traveling (the practice is called omiyage), so you will see shops and stands with individually wrapped food throughout Japan. This stand offers some pancake-like cookies in a variety of sizes and box configuration, all beautifully packaged for gift giving.