Japanese bakeries are just the best! Choose a few from the ever-changing seasonal selections to take with you on your Shinkansen ride.

Fish in Aspic

Well, we are not sure but we think this is a food offering. But it could be some kind of decoration. Looks like gold fish and the sample fish on display did nothing to clarify what to expect if you got the item.

Dried Shrimp Products

Seafood is an essential part of the Japanese diet – both fresh and dried. Many varies of dried shrimp are offered in the markets of Japan.

Kaiten Instructions

In popular tourist towns, it pays to tell the newbees how to work the kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi. We thought these were actually very good and useful instructions.

Typical Restaurant Food

This window display in a typical restaurant shows the usual variety of offerings to be found throughout Japan, including noods, soups, pickles, rice, fried items, etc. Usually you can find set meals with a variety of offerings, just choose the one that has the most things you like!

Seafood Selections

Lots of obscure seafood offerings here – mostly dried, pickled and otherwise processes seafoods, seaweeds, etc. This is from the Nishiki market in Kyoto.

Plate of Light

One of the most unusual sushi presentations we’ve ever seen – Suiran hotel in Arashiyama uses a platter with a video of the adjacent bamboo forest playing underneath the delightful seafood presentation.

Traditional Treats

Crisp cookies with center cream are one of the many traditional treats on sale on the gift food floor of major department stores.

Green Tea Sweets

We just loved the color in this picture of green tea sweets, found neatly stacked in a shop on Miyajima Island.


The Japanese have the ability to eat so delicately. It’s more about presentation than quantity – so here are some delightful cookies that are delicious too!

Strawberries in season

Strawberries delights! The Japanese love seasonal foods, so the offerings outside of tourist areas like Fushimi Inari reflect seasonal foods.

Bento Sushi – Yum!

You think of sushi and you think of Japan – these bento sushi boxes offer fresh, delicious sushi and are widely available throughout Japan, especially in train stations.

OMG! The BEST Strawberries Ever

Strawberries in Japan are amazing! And these were some of the best we’ve ever had. We didn’t even get out of the airport – we bought these at a fruit and vegetable stand right inside Terminal 2 at Narita and ate them on the way into the city.

So Many Ways to Serve

Miyajima is known for its oysters and coming up with interesting new ways to incorporate it into street food is a revered pastime. So Curry Oyster bread is this year’s winner.