Good Luck Cats

Waving cats are a sign of good fortune and grace many retail establishments.

Au Courant Footwear

Open-toed, high-top wedgies… what every girl needs. We can’t help ourselves in Japan – the range of shoes you’ll see when out and about is unbounded.

Cute, Tiny Luggage

The Japanese travel VERY lightly. Bags for train trips can be smaller than anything you can even buy at home. This tiny little piece (about 14 x 18 inches) was on sale at one of Japan’s train stations.

Adorable, Edible Dolls

These are just so adorable; crackers wrapped like little Japanese, kimono-clad dolls. When you open them, one cracker is sweet and one is salty – the perfect afternoon combination.

Dress Your Dog!

We may have a few outfits in the Petsmart at Halloween, but the Japanese are prepared to dress up their dogs all year long. This shop in Asakusa specialized in “petwear” so your well-dressed dog can have a variety of ensembles.

Teeny, Tiny Candies

You can find lots of this in Japan – candies that are so small you can’t figure out if you can even taste them. Even the packaging is tiny. We think the two different color tapes mean two different flavors, but who knows until you try one.

City Mascots

The Japanese are specialists in cute mascots for just about everything, including tourist attractions. This cute little guy from Hakone, near Owakudani geothermal springs and the onsen baths of the area is wearing a yukata (as you would wear in a ryokan) and his hat is shaped like the local hills.

Kawaii Coin Purses

When you’re in Japan, you’ll probably need something to hold all the change (the lowest bill is worth about $10). These are a cute option and available wherever tourists are found.

Boo Boo Park


At first, we loved the name of Boo Boo Park (reminded us of Yogi). But then we noted that this parking lot holds a total of 4 cars! With space at a premium in the cities, little parking lots crop up everywhere!

Always Think

We love all the cute messages on clothing and accessories for young girls in Japan. This one even translates beautifully.

Dashboard Dogs

The Japanese are known for their cute little accessories, like these dashboard dogs that we saw on our way into Tokyo after arriving. We’re in Japan now!!

Crocs vs. Geta

We spotted this accommodating father while touring at Hachiman-gu Shrine in Kamakura on a beautiful autumn day.   Lots of families get fully decked out – the women and girls in their kimono and geta, the men in their best suits.  Lots of family shots were being taken.  We sure hope this young lady remembered to change her shoes before they started taking the pictures…

Lucky Cat!

Storekeepers all over Japan use these colorful cats cheerfully waving to customers to bring good luck and abundance. If the right paw is raised, that is supposed to bring in good fortune and money, and if the left paw is raised, that is supposed to bring in customers.

A Little Trashy


In a hotel to be unnamed, we encountered the world’s smallest trashcans, if they weren’t so entirely useless, they’d be cute.  These were on the floor and we think may have held a Q-tip or two, but not much more.


Baby Soy Sauce

Eating on the bullet train is perfectly acceptable in Japan and all stations offer bento box meals for you to eat. Unlike our packets of condiments, though, the Japanese boxed sushi offer soy sauce in the Itty-bitty bottles that are just do cute.