Out the Train Window

Wonderful view of rice fields, small towns and distant hills outside Nagoya, as seen from the window of the Shinkansen train as it flies by at over 150 mph.

Rice Fields

We love taking pictures of the new rice fields in early summer as the fresh shoots are just popping up through their still bath.

Green Velvet Rice

Rice fields throughout Japan are at their brightest green in early June. Taking a photo out the train window blurs the planting rows into a velvety smooth green.

Landing at Narita

The verdant green of Japan in early summer beckons out the plane window coming into Narita. One of our favorite experiences during a trip to Japan.

Green Car to Takayama

Green Car to Takayama

The train from Nagoya to Takayama is scenic and charming as it climbs it’s way through the Gifu Valley to the Japanese Alps. The green car on this train is worth the extra fee for the great view to the front and the one-seat side on the left (much easier to take pictures if you’re not climbing over other travelers!).

Spring Rice Fields

Rice Fields

Spring is rice planting season. And fields come out everywhere. When you travel through Japan by train you will see small little rice fields next to houses in many areas, even quite near cities.

Bridge over Raging River

Bridge over Raging River

This narrow bridge spans the river by Shirakawago and is crossed from the public parking lot to the small UNESCO World Heritage site village. In spring, the melting snows from the nearby Japanese Alps create fast moving waters below the span.

Garden Observation

Garden Reflection

A fellow traveler sits in reflection at the beautiful rock and moss garden at Zuiho-in, a sub-temple of Daitoku-ji Monastery complex.