Hōzōmon Pilgrimage Shoe

This large shoe outside the entrance of Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo represents the shoes of supplicants who make ritual pilgrimages to well-known temples. Similar shoes displays can be found in temples throughout Japan, such as Zenko-ji in Nagano.

Nishiki Food Market

The overhead signage calls attention to both the entrance to Kyoto’s famous food market as well as highlights the colorful glass roof that lets in light while protecting from the rain.

Can you tell us what this is?

We know, it’s a dying breed to anyone under 35… an old-fashioned telephone booth for when you had to make calls while on the go. This one was spotted in a small town near Hakone.

No Bikes Here!

For the English speaker, this unusual flaunting of authority by the Japanese bicycle rider is pretty funny. But if you read the Japanese, it’s entirely possible that the bikes parked here are rental bikes and maybe they just don’t want OTHER bikes parked here. Who’s to know if you don’t speak Japanese.


Kimono at Sanjusangendo

Kimono Sighting! This one at Sanjusangendo in Kyoto. We love it when the ladies of Japan where their original kimono when they go on an outing (as opposed to the rental ones that tourists wear in famous places).