Kenrokuen Garden

Beautiful moss covers the ground of Kenrokuen Garden in this summertime picture. In the background you can see the bamboo ropes that hold up the branches on some of the older trees.

Enoura Entrance

While photographs of Enoura Musem are not permitted for other than personal use, you can get an appreciation for the exquisite blend of traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture from this part of the entrance (outside the main gate).

River Reflections

Sometimes simple every day things are a still life in the making. These empty boats were sitting on the still waters of the Oi river in Arashiyama one early morning, just waiting for tourists to come for a ride.

Gion at Dusk

The lights for tea houses and restaurants softly illuminate the classic wooden buildings on a Gion, geisha district, side street.

Ajisai in Bloom

Hydrangeas (Ajisai) come bloom all over Japan in early June in a fairly wide range of colors. Our favorites are the periwinkle blue, but they range from almost entire white to shades of magenta. These were showing their summer colors along a rail line.

Autumn in Kyoto

We are often asked to recommend the best dates to see cherry blossoms and fall colors. and indeed, there is ample “factual” information available on the Internet on the subject.  However, nature doesn’t always co-operate with published schedules. Whatever.  Kyoto is beautiful in any season, and one brilliant red tree at Kokedera (also known as Saihoji, the Moss Temple) can be thrilling enough!

Bamboo Forest Moment

The quiet and solitude of Kyoto’s bamboo forest is only for those who get there early and are able to maintain the sense of serenity all around them in reflective stillness.


Peace Park

The Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima offers a place of quiet reflection to honor those lost in the bombing of Hiroshima and bring awareness to the issues of Nuclear weapons in our world.