Rice Fields

We love taking pictures of the new rice fields in early summer as the fresh shoots are just popping up through their still bath.

Daimonji on the Hill

The large Dai symbol on the eastern hills of Kyoto, is lit on fire every summer during the Daimonji (Gozan no Okuribi), and can be seen from part of the Philosophers Path (near Ginkaku-ji).

Ajisai in Bloom

Hydrangeas (Ajisai) come bloom all over Japan in early June in a fairly wide range of colors. Our favorites are the periwinkle blue, but they range from almost entire white to shades of magenta. These were showing their summer colors along a rail line.

Landing at Narita

The verdant green of Japan in early summer beckons out the plane window coming into Narita. One of our favorite experiences during a trip to Japan.

Autumn in Kyoto

We are often asked to recommend the best dates to see cherry blossoms and fall colors. and indeed, there is ample “factual” information available on the Internet on the subject.  However, nature doesn’t always co-operate with published schedules. Whatever.  Kyoto is beautiful in any season, and one brilliant red tree at Kokedera (also known as Saihoji, the Moss Temple) can be thrilling enough!

Cherry Blossom Tokyo

Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

We know it’s fall right now, but are always looking forward to the first blooms as they come out in Tokyo, framed by the ubiquitous sky scrapers.

Fall Foliage

Autumn in Japan is later than in the US. These beautiful leaves were rustling in the wind along the Kamogawa River in early December.

It’s the time of the Season

The Japanese have a strong sense of season, going back to when they were primarily an agricultural society. In addition to the four main seasons (which we’ve highlighted with photos here), there are numerous sub-seasons as well. Some are as short as two weeks.