Website and Online Purchase Terms and Conditions

By using this site, consuming content on this site and/or placing an order with Curated Japan through our online store, you are accepting these Terms & Conditions. Please read these Terms & Conditions before placing on order or using this website.


  • Products are refundable for 60 days, after an order is delivered
  • Products are in the form of a PDF file delivered in an email link.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Here’s all the rest:

In these Terms & Conditions
“We” and “us” means Curated Japan, a division of Esprit Travel Corporation.
“You” means the person placing an order.

“The contract is agreed” – by completing and submitting an electronic order form, you are making an offer to purchase products which, if accepted by us, will result in a binding contract. An acceptance email from us confirms that the contract is formed.

By using the website to consume content or buy products online, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old, and are consenting to these terms and conditions and to our privacy policy.

This website and all content contained within, including product content, is protected by copyright and no portion of it may be used without express written permission from Curated Japan and Esprit Travel Corporation.

This website allows comments on specific articles or blog pages, but all comments will be monitored and will be displayed at the sole discretion of Curated Japan.

By completing and submitting an electronic order form, you are making an offer to purchase goods or services which, if accepted by us, will result in a binding contract. Please note that digital products will not be sent (or links to online products) until we have authorization from your payment card issuer. We will not be liable if there is a delay, and we will not accept your order if payment is not authorized.

Certain steps must be followed for a contract to be formed, as described below.

After you have placed your order:

You will receive an email to acknowledge your order. It will confirm which products you have ordered, but it may not constitute an acceptance of your order. You may be directed to a third-party site to complete your order.

We do not have to accept your order, and for example, we will not accept your order if:

  • Your payment is not authorized
  • There is an error on our website regarding the price or other details of the products
  • You have canceled your order

We reserve the right to refuse any order.

Returning products after sending

Each product sold is non-refundable after 60 days, once the product has been delivered to you via a website link and confirmation of purchase.

Pricing and payment

Prices throughout the website are quoted in U.S. dollars, and payment can only be accepted in U. S. Dollars.

The price you pay is the price of the products shown at the time you place your order, even if the price of the product has since changed.

Your payment card will be debited for your order at the time the order is placed. By submitting an online order with Curated Japan, you expressly agree not to request a ‘charge back’ of any fees or payments for said orders, and that no dispute with Curated Japan will be raised with or adjudicated by the credit card company. Rather, you agree to contact Curated Japan directly to resolve the issue or obtain a refund pursuant to the product sales terms.

Where an offer mentions that an item is reduced in price, eg: half-price, the discount will be calculated at checkout before any other applicable charges are applied.

Delivery information

All products are delivered to you via an email confirmation and link.

Changes to Terms & Conditions for buying products online

We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions for buying products online from time to time. If this happens, we will notify you by posting the new Terms & Conditions for buying products online on the website. If you do not wish to be governed by the revised Terms & Conditions for buying products online, you must not place any further orders.

These Terms & Conditions are governed by the law of the United States and the State of Nevada and you and we agree to use the Nevada courts should any dispute arise.

If any part of these Terms & Conditions for buying products online is found to be invalid by law, the rest of them remain valid and enforceable.

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