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Japan Travel Planning made easy. Do you need a Japan Trip Plan or Travel Itinerary? We are Japan travel planning experts who have curated the internet to create simple, easy-to-use, Japan travel itineraries for those who prefer to travel on their own.

How Many Times are you Going to Japan?

And don’t you want to do it right the first time?

But who to trust?

  • You may be finding that planning your trip to Japan is not like planning a trip to Europe or other western countries.
  • Information on the internet is inconsistent, unreliable and often based on limited personal experiences – many travelers have been once and tell you what they know from their own trip. But like so many well-meaning travel commentators, they don’t necessarily know everything and their travel style and preferences may not match yours at all.
  • Specialty travel companies charge significant fees for custom Japan tour planning – most Japan companies only offer full services that include all hotels, transportation, guides, etc. Due to the costs in Japan it’s just not economical to offer a menu of services.
  • Pre-packaged Japan tours are cookie-cutter and don’t meet your specific needs – one or two popular destinations with a busload of 40 other tourists doesn’t work for most travelers who are used to the independence and freedom of making their own travel plans.

So who are we?

Curated Japan is an offshoot of one of the premier Japan custom travel planners, Esprit Travel & Tours. As a small, boutique tour company, we’ve helped thousands of travelers, with their myriad interests and requests, to navigate Japan on their own with our Japan custom planning services.  Now we have developed some basic itineraries that, combined with our in-depth information and relevant links to hundreds of websites, will allow you to plan your trip with confidence that you will be getting the most reliable and accurate information. Our staff travels regularly to Japan to check on hotels, tourist conditions, new offerings and to make sure our materials stay as up-to-date as possible.

Do you know that Japan is one of the few places where you don’t want to go ad hoc and just show up and hope for the best?  Careful planning will make your time in Japan fun and easy.  You can savor the adventure but still know where you’re going to sleep at night!

We scour the internet for you, pulling together, in one place, all the information you need to book your Japan trip.  We offer two types of Japan Trip plans and travel itineraries:

Travel to Japan is like no other country in the world.  Japan is a land of contrasts: it can be simultaneously exciting and calming;  cosmopolitan and traditional; exquisitely refined and yet sometimes disarmingly naive and coarse.  We hope you enjoy your trip with the help of these great Japan travel plans, insider tips and insights into what to expect.


Are you ready for some fun?